Ava’s Snow Day!

So the other week Alex and I decided that we would both take the day off work to have a spontaneous family day up North in the snow! It was so amazing and I know I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have. I’m trying hard to get better at that but I’m always so busy enjoying my family time that I can hardly ever remember!

I dressed Ava in her cute little Calvin Klein Outfit with her snow boots (that we honestly got just for this occasion whenever it finally happened) and we finally made the 2 hour drive north to Payson! It was so nice to get a quick change of scenery for a few hours and after it snowed in Scottsdale but we were too busy to make even the 30 minute drive I was dying to show Ava the snow!

When we finally got to Payson I found a somewhat empty space to park and Alex carried Ava out into the snow. I want to add that we were super nervous about how she would react because we gave her her first bubble bath the night before and for some reason she was super scared of the bubbles. Well, she responded exactly how we thought she was going to at first.

When he set her down she immediately started crying and gesturing for Alex to pick her back up. He wanted to sit on the bench near us and smoke a cigarette so he handed her to me. So I knelt down with her in my lap and picked up a handful of snow and held it in front of her and once she touched it herself she LOVED it, it was a total 180!

Alex and I let her run around and play and explore the snow while we had our own little snowball fight not too far away. Having the chance to fool around with Alex while we watched Ava explore and have fun with something totally new was such a great feeling. I think its been a long time since we’ve had a family day like this and it was a good reminder of how important it is to make sure to take the time to have these moments and days with my family. Alex and I are both guilty of getting too caught up in work to spend the time mainly with each other.

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